We went back to basics this week, making delicious butter and fresh warm bread rolls.   It was a lot of fun for the group making butter, using two different methods. it was a race between shaking a jar and the kitchen mixer. We discussed the amount of energy that it required to make it by hand (by shaking the jar for about 8- 10 minutes) compared with watching the kitchen mixer do it in about 3-4 minutes. We watched it turn from cream, then whipped cream and eventually in to buttermilk and butter. It was delicious!

We also enjoyed beautiful warm and creamy pumpkin soup. We cut open the pumpkins and talked about the seeds and how we could dry them and then use them in the garden again to grow more pumpkins. We then used the pumpkin to make delicious soup and we used dried pumpkin seeds in the yummy rolls.

We also made beetroot dip and yummy carrot cakes. We discussed how lucky we are to be able to use such fresh ingredients. The beets and carrots were picked just the day before and not only smelled and tasted great but were bursting with goodness.

Have a great weekend.




500ml heavy cream

pinch of salt



There a two ways to do this, the firsts requires nothing more than a strong glass jar and a marble. Put the cream and the salt into a jar and add a marble. Shake for 4-6 minutes or until the cream looks whipped, then stiff. Keep shaking until the buttermilk separates, once it does strain off the buttermilk, give it a shake, remove the butter from the jar and squeeze the rest of the buttermilk out. Once you have finished put the butter into the bowl of ice cold water and use your hand to massage out the remaining buttermilk and then to shape the butter into the desired shape. Wash the butter a couple of times and then sprinkle with salt.

The alternative method and you may want to try both, is to use a food processor or mixer. Follow the same instructions but you wont have to shake it as the mixer will do the work for you. When the buttermilk starts to separate you will need to cover the machine with a tea towel as the buttermilk will shpritz. Remove the butter from the mixer and squeeze the rest of the buttermilk out. Once you have finished put the butter into the bowl of ice cold water and use your hand to massage out the remaining buttermilk and then to shape the butter into the shape desired, then sprinkle with salt.


Mini carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting


1 ½ cups of flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarb soda

1 ¼ cups coconut sugar

¾ cup vegetable oil

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp ground ginger

3 eggs lightly beaten

2 ½ cups grated carrot (around 3 large carrots)

patty pans


250gm cream cheese, softened

½ cup icing sugar sifted

1 ½ Tbs lemon juice


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees

Beat sugar and oil in mixer for 2-3 minutes adding eggs gradually

Sift all of the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, the flour and baking powder and bi carb along with the cinnamon and ginger.

Pour into the wet mixture.

Add the carrots until combines

Place mixture in patty pans and bake for 15-20 minutes

Cream the cheese until smooth. Add the icing sugar and lemon and mix until smooth. Spread over the cupcakes.


Bread rolls with pumpkin seeds

Ingredients (this makes enough for 15 tiny rolls or one loaf)

1 cup plain (all purpose) flour
1 cup wholemeal flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp bi carbonate of soda

5 tbsp pumpkin seeds
1tbsp honey
300ml buttermilk


Preheat your oven to 200 degrees C.

Line a baking tray

Mix both flours, salt and bi carbonate of soda together in a bowl. Add the seeds

Make a well in the centre of the flour.

In a separate small bowl whisk together the buttermilk and honey and pour in the honey and buttermilk.  Using your hands (floured) work everything together lightly until you have a loose, wet dough.  Shape into 15 small rolls on the baking trays.

Make a cross on each roll using a sharp knife.

Bake for around 15-20 minutes until the outside is light brown and the rolls sound hollow when tapped.

Transfer to a wire rack to cool and serve warm.


Pumpkin soup with coconut milk


1 onion finely diced

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon curry powder

2 clove garlic

1 medium pumpkin

60g butter

2 Litres of boiling water

3 stock cubes

salt and pepper to taste

1 can coconut milk



Finely dice the onion and slice the garlic clove

Remove the skin of the pumpkin and cut into 2 cm pieces

Heat the butter in a large saucepan

Sautee the onion for 2 minutes, add the garlic and the pumpkin and allow to sweat.

Add the cumin and curry powder and stir.

Add the stock and bring to boil, turn down the heat to a medium heat and cook for 20 minutes.

Use a bamix to blend the soup until it is smooth and silky.

Add the coconut milk, taste and add more salt and pepper if needed.


Beetroot dip with veggies


1 can chickpeas drained and rinsed

2 clove garlic, crushed

¼ cup (60ml) lemon juice

6 small beetroot

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp sea salt and cracked black pepper

1/2 cup (70g) natural greek-style (thick) yoghurt to serve

extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling

For dipping: Carrots and celery



Clean the beetroots, remove the leaves and the roots, and place them together with the garlic in an oven dish, drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake for 30 mins.

When the beetroot and garlic is cooked and cooled place the chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, beetroot, cumin, salt and pepper in a food processor and process until smooth.

Place in a serving bowl and stir through the yoghurt, taste and adjust the salt

drizzle with oil to serve.

For the veggies:

Wash and peel the carrots, and cut the celery and carrots to a similar size to serve.