Over the past few weeks at both the ‘Burwood Kitchen Garden’ and the ‘FKI’ school campuses we have been talking about garlic and celebrating its use in modern life today.

The children were well aware that garlic is used in cooking, it sometimes leaves peoples breath smelly and can add or change the flavour in our cooking.  They learnt that in autumn is the best time of the year to plant garlic ( always plant before the middle of the year), it is a bulb therefore is planted and grows underground.  They were interested to hear that we won’t be harvesting our garlic until late this year.  We need to be patient and watch out for the young shoots to rise from the new garlic patch,  we need to ensure our garlic patch is kept free from weeds using fine garden folks so not to disrupt the new garlic leaves and stems.  Our children are looking forward to seeing the plants grow tall and then turning yellow/brown which will be their indicator that the garlic bulbs are taking in all the good nutrients that the green leaves provide to plump up the garlic bulb.

Each class enjoyed garlic & herb focaccia bread baked in our new pizza oven at the end of each garden class.  A very tasty treat enjoyed after working hard in the garden!

Fingers crossed for a bumper crop this year!