Spring has sprung in our Kitchen Garden.  Our garden has woken up! The fruit trees are blossoming, there is new growth and tiny flowers filling our garden.  The birds are everywhere, singing and dancing as they dart around our garden.

Noa from 4B has put together a photo storyboard.  It is her vision of what she sees, experiences and likes within the Kitchen Garden on a busy gardening day.

img_1533  img_1534

The rectangles of pea straw don’t usually have plants growing on them.


The garden is showing many signs of new growth and there is lots more colour appearing.

img_0033  img_0034  img_0035

A group of boys are working in the garden. They are planting fruits and veggies. I’ve written on the whiteboard all the springtime observations I’ve noticed. We have pruned our citrus trees after fruiting and are protecting them from citrus gall wasp by placing traps into the trees.

img_0041  img_0037

We have been busy cutting wood to make signs for our new garden spaces.  The whole garden is growing beautifully because Springtime has arrived!