We have given the Yr 4 classes a challenge in the garden!  Each class has nominated a space within the garden, that they are going to grow or develop in a way that reflects their class.

They have discussed the location with each other, working through the positives and negatives of this location.  They are considering what food crops they are going to grow in this new garden , whilst identifying  what plants are already growing in this space.  Each class are planning how this garden is going to look, they are designing its layout, researching what plants will successfully grow over the next two seasons and what the kitchen requirements are from our garden.
4D has decided that they will build a frog bog pond.  There has been lots of class discussion and research into the bio-diversity that is needed for frogs to live successfully within a garden.  Construction of the pond has been fast and furious with great evidence of team work and collaborative open discussion.