We have had such a wet winter that the growth of our winter veggies has been slow.  We are fortunate to have built our garden on a gentle slope that captures the sun all year round.  The water does drain away and keeps the garden easier to work in and much more inviting on wet cold winter days. Just to keep you up to date on what is happening in our garden, I’ve jotted down a few key changes and two of our Year 6 mentors have also included a small written piece to share their thoughts on what they have observed recently.

  • Broccoli has been harvested and has looked amazing this year. No pests or diseases attacked it! Delia has used it in the minestrone soup for the past two weeks.
  • Silverbeet, Russian kale, flat and curly parsley, celery and butter lettuce have been plentiful.
  • The new greenhouse has baby spring seedlings growing well.
  • New drainage around the greenhouse is currently being dug by some of our Year 5 boys.
  • A new garden arbour has been constructed over the entrance to the garden.  We have transfered our Wisteria climber and passion-fruit climber to where the arbour is located and hopefully they will grow up and over the arbour in coming months.
  • The outdoor learning classroom is finished.  It makes a huge difference on wet and windy days to have a small space that is light and welcoming to work from.

Now some words from our Year 6’s

Garden Blog Post by Toby, Year 6

In the last six months the garden has really changed, it’s changed from summer to winter, the chickens have grown up and now different plants have started growing. Some of the plants that have started growing are broad beans, snow peas, beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce and so much more. Now here for some sad news, Olive (the lovebird) has passed away, because he had a heart attack caused by a thunder storm. We all feel it is very sad so now we are trying to buy another lovebird for the garden.  Sue is here  on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so don’t forget to come and join us at lunch time in the garden.

Garden Blog Post, by Amanda Year 6

I hope that you have been keeping up to date with the garden but if you haven’t, read through this.

We are trying to find a new love bird as Olive has died. We would like you to try and think of a way that we can raise money for a new lovebird as Elmo is very lonely and wants to have a new friend.

If you would like to ask how the chickens are going, they are going really well and we are getting up to eight eggs a day. All the chickens are settled and are really enjoying being in the garden.

We have harvested a lot of herbs, fruit, and vegetables. Silverbeet, potatoes, tomatoes, kale, zucchini, strawberries and lots more. The garden is getting more and more colourful as summer, winter, spring and autumn go by.

We hope you can try and visit the garden sometime again. Just remember if you have any questions you know who to ask


The pumpkin patch