The spring garden is flourishing, the scent of the citrus flowers is amazing and the growth of all our vegetables has to be seen to be believed!

We have been receiving plenty of lovely soft rain over the past month or so, our water tanks are full and the garden soil is moist and friable. We have again emptied two of our larger compost bins into the newly prepared garden beds for summer veggies. It is so satisfying to dig through the compost after five months of turning the bins regularly and adding lots of carbon (shredded paper and cardboard) and green waste (green waste from the kitchen and old spent veggies from the garden) to the mixture. Our chicken house has given us lots of manure and straw to add to this mix, hence our composted ready-to-use garden loam is rich in nutrients, worms and organic matter.

As we prepare new garden beds for the summer crops we constantly review what was planted where last in the garden. We are rotating our crops every season to help prevent root disease and poor plant growth. We are fortunate to have the garden in a full sun location within the school grounds. The garden receives lots of cross winds from all directions which at times makes working in the garden hard work, however these winds have an advantage in the fact that our plants don’t suffer many fungal diseases. The plants and soil dry off well between rain and watering, not allowing much humidity to build up between the plants. When plants get too wet fungal problems occur and plants often wilt away at root level or leaves become mottled with sooty moulds.

Next week new baby chickens will arrive. These chickens will be a mixture of different breeds and hopefully will provide us with lots of fresh eggs in the future.

We have recently built a new greenhouse. This is a poly-carbonate construction that has two shelving systems within to hold all our baby seedlings and propagated cuttings. We are very grateful to the College’s building team for supporting our garden. They continue to help us achieve a truly wonderful and exciting outdoor experience.

The next few weeks will be very busy in the garden. There are scarecrows to build, staking of tomatoes and harvesting of lots of fresh produce to eat and share in the kitchen. It’s time now to remember your sun hat and sun screen. Come down and visit us anytime, we have a shaded garden seat to eat your lunch at or just simply enjoy the garden’s environment.

Happy Gardening,