The weather has been very chilly, the wind has been blowing hard and the grey dark clouds have bought with them plenty of lovely rain. Our garden is still active; in general the garden beds are producing lots of healthy winter vegetables. We have recently been harvesting cabbages both green and purple. The bok choy and spinach have grown fast and the mixed winter salad greens are plentiful.
Our fruit trees have all been pruned and many of the children have learnt that an apple tree is pruned differently to a nectarine tree. Our fruit trees are now three seasons old and have grown strong and healthy. We have been pruning them each year to keep them to a height where the majority of our students can easily reach to pick fruit and tend to the tree’s needs. Our apricot as I write this is ablaze with the most beautiful pink blossom.
Prior to the end of last term we all suffered the loss of our nine chickens to a fox. This experience was one of great sadness to us all, we have learnt some valuable life lessons from this loss and together have discussed how sad we all felt and have collectively come up with ways in which we can ensure the safety of our new chickens. Already, the College builders have built a new roof onto the outside run of the chicken coop and the side walls and footings have been secured. We won’t be able to replace our flock until early Term 4 as this is when the baby chickens will be old enough to be sold off.
Garden Club is still running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime so please bring your lunch to the garden and share your garden ideas and thoughts with us all. It’s a fun club to attend and always full of keen students who have many questions to ask and knowledge to share.
See you all in the garden soon,

Happy Gardening