Here we go! Another growing year in our garden is ahead of us all.

Welcome back to those students and friends of the garden from past years and a very special welcome to all the new Year 4’s just beginning their new adventures here in the garden and also in the kitchen at Mt Scopus College.

We held our first classes in the garden last week, there was plenty to observe and many tasks to get on with.  We noticed how much our garden had grown, with very little effort from us, over the long summer holiday break.  Our pumpkins once again are crawling all over the garden with many flowers and new pumpkins appearing.  Our strawberries and berries are finished for now.

Potatoes are ready to harvest, as are the onions, pepitos, silver beet, beans and baskets of herbs.

Our tomatoes really struggled to grow with health and vigor this year.  Although we are harvesting many small cherry tomatoes, the plants themselves have shown signs of distress, most probably due to the heavy rainfall this season.  Tomatoes love to grow in constant temperatures around 25c.  They don’t like to have their foliage wet and they need to have their root systems growing in well drained soil.

We are very fortunate this year to have a brand new outdoor learning shelter that has been built for us. The Parents’ Association of Mt Scopus helped to fund this structure which looks fantastic!  We now can hold very productive classes under cover from the sun and rain all year round.  Special thanks to the parents of Mt Scopus College for helping us to create a very unique environment in which we can all learn and grow.

Please remember to bring along old newspapers, clean tins and egg cartons for recycling in our garden.

I look forward to meeting you all once again.

Happy Gardening,