Welcome back  to a very exciting time in our garden!  There is so much to do, lots to organise  and muscle power is needed everywhere!

We have built four new raised beds using the old colour bond from the kitchen verandah. These beds have been now filled with gravel (for good drainage), our  home-grown compost and a blend of five manures and organic soils.

This week we started to plant into these raised gardens different varieties of tomatoes  (Tommy Toe, cherry tomatoes and Mighty Reds).  Next week we will plant a whole bed full of the different Diggers Heirloom tomatoes which will be fun to watch grow and eventually taste.

The kitchen has been busy cooking our Russian Kale in the past week, it has grown so tall now that it is flowering and seed heads are forming.  We will collect some seed to grow this special plant again next year.  The rocket and Italian parsley have also gone to seed so we will collect much of that in the coming week.

With spring time now upon us we will be busy planting out new lettuce, beans, snow peas, black runner beans, cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins once again.  We need to be extra vigilant watching out for pests and diseases on our plants.  Already we noticed the spread of aphids within the garden so we will get to them with both garlic and rhubarb sprays that we mix together ourselves.

Our compost is breaking down quickly. We are turning the bins regularly and look like we will have our first rotating compost ready within the next two weeks.  Making successful compost is getting the balance right between dry materials, water and collected food scraps.  We don’t put any citrus or onion into the mix (not because you can’t but it seems to take much longer to decompose and the worms aren’t keen on it).  As the bins fill we turn them every day or two, placing a black sheet of plastic over the heaps to keep the heat into them.

Remember to wear your hats to the garden now, bring a drink bottle and put onthe  sun screen that I provide or bring your own special one from home.  Its been wonderful to see everyone back in the garden full of energy and ready to listen and help out where ever is needed.

A big special thanks to Oliver, Justin and Noah for helping me with the Year One students last week. You all spoke about the garden to the children in such positive ways that it was no wonder the children really enjoyed their time within the garden.

Until next time,

Happy Gardening