Week 6 – Kitchen Garden

Welcome back to the garden blog, it has been an extremely cold and windy week in the garden.  The garden has received well over 26mls of rain in the past week and our water tanks are now overflowing! That means we have 50,000 litres of water stored for garden use.  Our chickens aren’t worried about the cold and windy conditions as they are still laying up to 8 eggs each day.  Their chicken house with its thick layer of wood shavings and hay has helped to keep them warm and comfortable. 

 The garden is looking quiet empty now, we have been busy adding organic nutrients to the soil this week and harvesting the winter veggies so we can empty some of the beds to replenish them before planting out new seeds and seedlings for spring. Spring is not far away now as the magpies have started visiting us on a regular basis.  We need to be aware of these birds in our garden, get on with our garden tasks but be vigilant of any dangerous behavior from them.  We will cut some bamboo next week and use the top foliage from the bamboo as wind stakes in the garden beds.  As the wind rushes through the bamboo foliage a rustling sound is made and this was proven last year to frighten off the birds.

Remember to bring your coats and a warm hat for garden class next week,
Happy Gardening,