We have been kept busy this week with general maintenance around the garden.  Mr. Poss has dug a trench along the Feijoa hedge outside the garden.  This will help stop the grass from growing into the garden beds.  Thanks Mr. Poss for all your hard work! We collected some old timber sleepers from the primary school and we will use these to create raised beds for our potatoes and cabbages.

It is time to start thinking about what seeds we will need to plant for spring.  This week the Year Fives sowed seed of peas, lettuce, sprouts and beans.  It will take up to six weeks before these seeds will be strong enough to be pricked out into seedling punnets to harden off before being planted into the garden beds.

On a sad note one of our little Bantams was put to sleep last Friday.  She was apparently suffering Merricks Disease which causes the animal to become paralyzed.  Our chickens were all injected against Merricks Disease early in their lives but this little Bantam was more than likely the weakest of the flock and became more susceptible to the infection.  All of our other chickens are doing well, no signs of any distress amongst them to date.

I have really enjoyed sharing the special meals you have been cooking in our kitchen.  The aromas coming from the kitchen into the garden are sensational!

Happy gardening and cooking until next time, Sue