Week 8 – Term 2.

Hi to all our budding gardeners, can you believe we are at the end of Term 2 and have already passed the shortest day of the year – June 20th?

In recent weeks visiting the garden you would have noticed that the chills of winter have settled in. Our garden growth has slowed right down.    In winter the garden plants settle in, they have stored nutrients over the autumn to keep them alive over the colder months.  There they wait in the garden until the soil warms up again before they show signs of re-growth and start the growing cycle once again.

We have been successful with our late summer – autumn planting.  We have been harvesting Broccoli, Silver Beet, (both coloured and green), Spinach, Japanese turnips, Parsley, Rosemary, Mint and plenty of Russian Kale.

Our chickens started laying eggs 2 weeks ago.  We are collecting over 6 eggs per day now and they are being used in the kitchen.  I am told from Delia that the eggs are a good colour and are of good quality.  We need to be vigilant and observe the health of our chickens, keeping their pen clean and their water container clean and topped up with water is so important.  They love all the fresh green weeds, leaves and left-overs from the kitchen and this needs to be replenished at least twice a week.  Next term, once we have our fence and gate secure, we will let some of the chickens out to forage in the garden.

Clipping the chicken wings for the first time was a challenging experience for us all.  The chickens weren’t too keen on us holding them at first. Now they are all sit happily and allow us to pick them up gently.  Since clipping their wings we haven’t had them escaping from their outside pen.

I have been lucky enough to share some amazing meals you have created in the new kitchen using produce from our garden.  Are you collecting all the wonderful recipes you have been cooking from?   I am excited each fortnight to smell the new yummy aromas coming from the kitchen.  Tasting of the food you are cooking from our garden produce has been such a wonderful experience.

There will be lots to get on with next term in the garden, so have a good rest over the break and come back ready to roll up your sleeves and help create the next stage of the Mt Scopus Kitchen Garden!

Happy Gardening,