It has been an extremely busy time for us all in the garden over the past few weeks.  We have hosted our Grand Opening of the Kitchen and the Garden and welcomed many new visitors to the garden.

The chickens have all had their wings clipped this week.  This was necessary as we had a few chickens breaking loose and flying over the outdoor pen.  The children were all so brave and held the chickens with great care and confidence as others took to the scissors and trimmed back the chickens’ outer wings.  The chickens don’t feel any pain with this process and this became apparent as we took to the task at hand!  We still don’t have any eggs yet but our grandfather chook feeder is now in working order (thanks to Joel) and we have added shell grit to the feed to strengthen the eggs when we finally start to get some.

We have harvested Chinese cabbage, broccoli and loads of silverbeet and parsley this week.  We harvested four eggplants and we are hopeful of picking another four next week.  The Jerusalem artichokes were dug up this week and we talked about the fact that they  have nothing to do with the city of Jerusalem nor do they look anything like globe artichokes , however they are in fact part of the Asteraceae family, which also includes the sunflower.  Jerusalem artichokes are great roasted, mashed or put into a soup.  They need to be washed and peeled well and cut up into small pieces for cooking. 

Thank you to all our special volunteers who have come to work beside us in the garden over the past month.  You all bring something special to share with the children and myself.   We hope you are all enjoying this amazing experience as much as we do.

See you in the garden ,