We have been extremely busy in the garden over the past few weeks. We have started clearing the garden beds of the old and tired summer vegetables. We are currently preparing the garden to plant out winter vegetables. We have been discussing the Brassica family and have learnt that many winter vegetables belong to this family.

It has been simply amazing to harvest our own vegetables and now start to use them in the kitchen creating yummy dishes. We harvested 35 x ‘Qld Blue’ pumpkins, 50+ potatoes and loads of summer lettuce, rocket and silver beet. The cherry tomatoes were so sweet and the ‘Black Russian’ and ‘Tigerella’ green tomatoes were interesting to watch grow and taste.

Our 10 chickens are now 19 weeks old; they look very healthy and are becoming friendlier. They actually cluck away happily when we walk into their pen. We are hopeful to see eggs from the chickens in the next 4 weeks. The chicken house is nick named the ‘Chicken Taj Mahal’, it is without doubt one of the best looking chicken homes around – our chicks are very lucky.

We have been very happy to see so many volunteers coming to work in the garden over the past few weeks. The children have really enjoyed working with you all, it is so wonderful to see the children working in small groups and being able to achieve and learn something from each of you. A Big Thank-You! Your help and the garden knowledge that you bring to the garden really makes the children’s time in the garden more worthwhile and enjoyable.

Looking forward to another productive week ahead,
Happy Gardening – Sue.