Welcome back! To all our green fingered gardeners from last year and to all our new Year 4’s who have just experienced this wonderful garden for the very first time,  a big welcome to our special world of gardening.

At Mt Scopus College over the past year we have started to establish our Kitchen Garden. There have been lots of projects within the garden on which both the students and teachers have worked together.

Our bamboo teepees have seen many beans and snow peas harvested over summer. Our mounded garden beds have monstrous trailing pumpkins and zucchinis rambling down them. Our raised star garden bed has been bountiful with healthy lettuce, rocket, peppers and herbs.

We couldn’t believe our luck last week when we harvested over twelve rockmelons. They were so sweet and juicy! It goes to show you that the longer we can leave our vegetables on the vine and allow the sun to work its miracle, our vegetables taste so much better!

There is heaps to get on with in the garden this week. We will be constructing a new garden bed for brassicas (do you know what a brassica is?), we will be spreading more mulch and preparing our new chicken house for its new occupants who hopefully will arrive very soon.

I hope to see you in the garden soon –   Sue